Install GitLab on QNAP and remote with SourceTree

I wanted to create a Git server on Nas before, but QNAP had many limits when executing it, especially in remote control, I found that many GUI couldn’t connect. Even the QPKG Git is removed by QNAP, it seems they don’t want us to use Git on the NAS.
When trying to solve the problem of GUI and Git Server, I found GitLab. The content is just what I want after researching it, and the QNAP support it!

    1. GitLab official website describes the installs steps clearly. You can go and check on it.
    2. This page will appear at the first time when you login.
      Basically, you are asked to reset the password.
      You will get to the management page of root after updating, but we won’t use the root account in version control.Now, logoff and create a new account for it.
    3. Create a new project after you login, SSH URL has already been made by GitLab.
      Notice that you have to change localhost to your domain or IP here, and the user name is the git.
    4. Next, we’re going to create a GoldKey for SSH.The concept is just like keys and a lock, one lock can be open by many same keys, but one key can only open one lock. You can insert a key into many different servers.When you login GitLab through SSH, you need to make a GoldKey and give the public key to the server, so you can login GitLab by SSH. There are detailed steps about how to give the key to the server on GitHub.
      First, check you is there existed SSH Key.If yes, use the original one or create the new one. Absolutely, you can have more SSH Keys on the client, but we don’t discuss it here.

      ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "" 

      about mail address area as like summary, you can fill in user name, cleint name or any others you want.

    5. Get the SSH public key through script.
      cat ~/.ssh/

      You can see the summary which you wrote.

    6. Set the SSH public key on GitLab at Profile settings.
    7. You finished! You can connect to GitLab for testing with command. It means you succeed when seeing the same info below.
    8. Clone by SourceTree.